Bankruptcy and Payday Lenders in New York

The one industry that is thriving in the US and continued undaunted right through the worst of the recession is the Internet Payday Loan Industry. If you have a job and a bank account, or your spouse does, it is easy to go online and through the dubious miracle of the ACH system, cash can be placed directly into you account. Come payday a lot more cash will be taken out of your account. What happens if payday is coming and your cable company is going to take their money the same day? If you have brain rot you go online and take another payday loan to prevent overdrawing your account. There a more people out there that have multiple payday loans on top of piles of credit card debt than one can imagine. They find an attorney and they want to file Chapter 7 against the unsecured debt.

Payday loans are illegal in New York but the online lenders do not care. They think the laws of their state or kingdom extend beyond their borders to New York. They don’t. You cannot file Chapter 7 against an illegal company, and if you did they would not care. So what do you do? You close your checking account and wait for the empty threatening calls from Delaware, where most of them have a mail drop because of the soft usury laws. You warn your payroll department against the wage assignment that you may have agreed to. You send a letter revoking that assignment to the lender and give a copy to your payroll department. There is nothing they can do because they had no business lending money illegally any more than Frank the shank on the corner does. You still need to pay back the principal due to a moral obligation.
Get a prepaid debit card and pay them the principal back when you can and do what that guy in the YouTube video did and shoot your laptop. Do not send them a check from your new account or they will clean it out.

Divorce and the IRS: What does Uncle Sam Want from You?

As one can tell by all the HR Block and Turbo Tax commercials on the air, it is tax time. If you were going through a divorce last year how do you file your Federal Income Tax?
The IRS is pretty clear regarding this issue. They care not whether you were going though anything. They are only concerned with whether or not you were married at the end of the year.
If you were, than you would file as married filing jointly or separately and you have no choice regardless of how much bitterness still exists between you both. Uncle Sam does not care. He loves both your tax obligations equally as well, separated or together.
If your divorce became final during the tax year, even on New Years Eve, guess what? You pay the single rate for the entire year because Sam knows he can get more from you that way.
Common sense would say that it should be pro rated according to the time you were married as opposed to the time you were not. Right? Well Uncle Sam has been wearing that striped topper too tight for too long and it squeezed all the common sense out a long time ago.