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At the New York office of Boris Nikhman Law we ask our clients, very often, regarding what it is that they expect from an attorney and the answers we receive are countless. We take this information to heart and strive to provide all of our valued clientele with the professionalism, quality and diversity they expect without losing that personal touch that is so important.

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We realize that everyone will need the services of an attorney at least once in their life and when that time arrives it is not always for a situation that was planned, although often it is. We are aware that people often reach out to us at a time when they are feeling vulnerable or fragile and the last thing they need is to wait days for a return call or return email. We always keep the lines of communication open and our clients abreast of the progress in their case.

why choose usWhen you choose us, you have partnered with our firm for as long as you wish to remain our client. We have expertise in diverse array of legal areas specializing in bankruptcy, immigration law and naturalization, divorce law, real estate and so much more. We want to be the law firm you rely on for all your legal needs.

Boris Nikhman, after graduating from Hofstra University Law and passing the New York State Bar Exam, started his law office in Brooklyn New York where he practiced immigration law and helped countless residents and recent arrivals to the United States with issues surrounding their status as immigrants. That personal care has been passed on to his entire staff as his business flourished; recently opening an office in Manhattan. He still maintains an intimate client/attorney relationship as he did in the beginning despite his rapid growth as a top flight New York attorney.