As an experienced New York divorce attorney, the Law Offices of Boris Nikhman PC have helped countless individuals through the difficult, and often painful, process of divorce. We realize the personal anguish and consternation associated with many divorce cases and our goal is to make your case as swift and stress free as possible while still getting you the settlement that you deserve.

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As your New York divorce attorney we are experienced in all the grounds for divorce there are in the State of New York which many of our clients, until speaking with us, did not even know existed. These are:


  • Adultery. Having a sexual relationship outside of marriage
  • Cruel and Inhuman Treatment. Physical and/or mental cruelty
  • Abandonment. For a one year period which includes refusal of sexual relations for one year.
  • Disappearance for three years.
  • Felony conviction
  • Living apart for a one year period pursuant to a separation agreement.

As your New York divorce attorney we will meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your case and make the determination of grounds, which could be one or more, and the type of divorce case we are handling. Divorces are categorized as the following:

    • Uncontested. An uncontested divorce may be obtained if your spouse does not respond to the divorce action or does not respond and agrees to the divorce action. There are no disputes regarding child custody and support, division of assets or health insurance. These can be completed at your first appearance and judgment can be obtained without court appearance in a short time span of as little as 6 weeks.

  • Contested. Unfortunately many divorces cannot be settled in a harmonious manner. All too often, despite our best efforts to achieve an amicable resolution, these cases lead to court. If litigation is required we will aggressively pursue the absolute best settlement that you deserve.
  • Separation Agreement. There are situations where a couple chooses to live apart while resolving issues such as division of assets, custody and other issues. They may also wish to attempt to live separately under New York’s no fault divorce law which will grant them a divorce after one year under the agreement providing there is no real property or children involved. These agreements are binding and should only be drawn up by an attorney.
  • Annulment. This basically is voiding the marriage agreement because the reasons given for the agreement to marry were false or misleading or the marriage was performed under undue influence, such as duress or mental impairment.